It will be the world’s largest Christmas tree and the lights will be turned on Wednesday, Dec. 7 in Gubbio’s Quaranta Martiri Square. 750 meters high occupying 130 square meters of the square and is lit by LEDs, powered by energy from renewable sources.

No waste and no excess to respect tradition and enter the Guinness Book of Records. In Gubbio, Christmas begins with all the folk traditions of Gubbio. The president of the Umbria Region, Donatella Tesei, will be the testimonial of the 2022 lighting of the luminous fir tree.

The touring group ‘The White Carols Christmas Street Band’, which, from 6 p.m., will involve those present with Christmas music, will open the ceremony, which will continue with the musical performance – voice and guitar – of siblings Sara Jane and Paolo Ceccarelli, who will open the salon conducted by Ubaldo Gini and Silvia Procacci.

Among the protagonists of the testimonies and interviews will be the mayor and bishop of Gubbio, Filippo Mario Stirati and Luciano Paolucci Bedini, the chairman of the ‘World’s Largest Christmas Tree’ committee, Giacomo Fumanti, and ‘alberaioli’ Danilo Sannipoli and Giorgio Regni.

A historical procession will go through the districts of the old town and the Crossbowmen, and in the square under the tree the performance of the Gubbio flag-wavers.

An unprecedented aerial surprise is also planned to precede the 42nd lighting of the world’s largest Christmas Tree, but organizers are not revealing any details.

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