From saving money to combating waste: Too Good To Go, the app used to buy at deeply discounted prices what bakeries, supermarkets and cafes would have to throw away, now turns to food industry companies and launches the Dispensa Box.

7.5 million Italians use the app, and the innovation directly intervenes at this stage of the supply chain, where an estimated 18 percent of all food waste occurs, allowing food companies to reduce it by releasing the value of saved food.

Products from food companies that are perfectly good and fit for consumption but for operational reasons or due to forecasting or labeling errors cannot be placed on store and supermarket shelves are placed in large Dispensa Boxes. Dispensa Boxes, offered to users at a reduced price, are available in the new “Delivery” section in the Too Good To Go App and can also be picked up at designated pick up points.

With this new solution, products are mixed and packaged in Pantry Boxes, containing a wide selection of foods that can be safely stored at room temperature in the home for long periods of time, such as pasta, rice, bread and substitutes, pickles and condiments, sweet and savory snacks, spreads, canned meats and fish, breakfast products, cake mixes, cereals, beverages, juices, baby products, and many others.

The numbers of waste

A recent WWF report states that 40 percent of all food produced globally is wasted. In absolute numbers, this means that 2.5 billion tons of food go uneaten worldwide each year. A staggering figure with some serious consequences behind it: 828 million people go hungry every day, the economic loss is estimated at around $1.3 trillion, and on top of that, it is responsible for 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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