Italians are not giving up spending for Christmas at the table with an average of 106 euros per family, 6 percent less than the holiday season of 2021. this is what emerges from the Coldiretti/Ixè survey on “Christmas on the Tables of Italians” presented at the National Assembly. At the territorial level, the most passionate at the table are the Italians of the South with an average of 123 euros per family, ahead of the residents of the Center (109 euros). The Northeast stops at just 102 euros, while the Islands come in at 95 euros, tied with residents in the Northwest.

Territorial and economic differences divide Italians in spending, but choices at the table help bring them together, however. According to the survey, 92 percent of citizens will buy mostly Italian products for the holidays, among a 53 percent who will do so mainly because they taste better and 39 percent who see supporting their country’s economy and jobs as a priority. According to Coldiretti/Ixè, the crisis caused by inflation has greatly differentiated families’ spending options so much so that 6% of Italians will allocate no more than 30 euros to Christmas dinner, while another 16% will stop between 30 and 50 euros, according to Coldiretti/Ixè.

33% of citizens will spend between 50 and 100 euros, 29% between 100 and 200 euros, and 7% between 200 and 300 euros. But there is also 2% who will go over 300 euros while 7% prefer not to answer.

Food and wine gifts also find their place among the most popular gifts but also due to the rise of a lifestyle that is attentive to the rediscovery of tradition at the table, which is expressed by the DIY preparation of personal recipes for special evenings. The fear of the resurgence of contagions-shows the research-did not seem to be able to curb the desire for a return to the sociability of the holidays, evidenced by the fact that the average number of people at the table rises again this year to eight, one more than last year and as many as four more than at Christmas 2020 when the lockdown and restrictive measures had imposed precise limits even in hospitality and attendance.

If in the Christmas Eve menu – Coldiretti continues – fish is served above all, at Christmas meat prevails and boiled, roasted and fried meats win, from lamb to turkeys, but also soups, stuffed pastas, cappelletti in broth and rustic pizzas and regional sweets present in 52 percent of homes, in addition to the unfailing panettone (78 percent) and pandoro (74 percent). “In these festive days, we ask Italians to support the consumption of Made in Italy food products to help the economy, work and the national territory in a time of difficulty,” is the appeal launched by Coldiretti President Ettore Prandini, in stressing the importance of “helping a supply chain that employs as many as 4 million people in 740 thousand farms, 70 thousand food industries and 360 thousand catering establishments.” A choice guaranteed by the fact that,” Prandini concluded, “Italian agriculture is a European leader in quality, sustainability and food safety with the EU primacy in organic with 80 thousand operators, the largest number of recognized PDO/PGI/Stg specialties (396), 526 PDO/PGI wines and 5,450 traditional food products, and with Campagna Amica the largest network of farmers’ direct sales markets.

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