Workers at an Apple Store in Maryland, USA, have voted to authorize a strike, potentially marking the first union action against the tech giant in the country. The employees at the Towson Apple Store, near Baltimore, had previously voted to unionize in 2022, a historic move for Apple’s US retail outlets.

However, negotiations for their contract are still ongoing. According to a union statement, after more than a year of talks with Apple management yielding unsatisfactory results, union members are now collectively calling for significant change. Key concerns include work-life balance, unpredictable scheduling practices disrupting personal lives, and wages not keeping pace with the area’s cost of living. With approximately 100 employees at the Towson store, a majority vote was necessary for the decision to be valid. The next round of negotiations is scheduled for May 21, but the strike could commence sooner.

In a separate development, employees at another Apple store in New Jersey rejected a unionization attempt over the weekend. Apple has pledged to engage with the union representing its Towson team in a respectful and genuine manner, according to a statement provided to CNN. The National Labor Relations Board has received numerous complaints against Apple, accusing the company of discouraging staff from unionizing. This aligns with a broader trend of US tech companies being viewed as resistant to unionization efforts, with Amazon being a notable example. In September, nearly a quarter of Apple store employees in France staged a strike on the day of the iPhone 15 launch, demanding wage increases in line with inflation.

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