As Easter approaches, Airbnb has unveiled the latest travel inclinations among Italians, showcasing a surge in exploration among the Gen Z, a zest for skiing adventures, and an enduring quest for off-the-beaten-path destinations. During the observed period, Airbnb has notably recorded a substantial uptick in travel bookings among Gen Z travelers, with a staggering 119% increase in nights booked by individuals aged 25 to 29 for Easter getaways compared to the previous year. With Easter falling in March this year, enthusiasts of winter sports have a prime opportunity for one last excursion. It comes as no surprise that Livigno tops the list of trending domestic destinations this year, closely followed by art-centric cities nestled within reach of the Alps, such as Turin and Bergamo.

An increasing number of travelers are opting for serene and tranquil Easter breaks in lesser-known locales, as evidenced by Airbnb data showing a nearly twofold increase in rural trips among Italians compared to last year. What holds sway over destination choices is the experience itself, with searches revealing a penchant for accommodations boasting Breathtaking Views and Chalets. For those craving awe-inspiring landscapes and high-altitude escapades, Chalet Levissima 3000 emerges as the quintessential retreat. Likewise, Chalet Sissi Queen in Mendola, Trentino-Alto Adige, offers an awe-inspiring panorama of the majestic Dolomites. For a nature-infused escape in an extraordinary setting, a reservation at the Minicasa in Forgaria, Friuli, promises just that.

Among the most captivating accommodations in the Chalet category are the luxurious Chalet in Alta Badia or the traditional Chalet in San Martino in Badia, where relaxation awaits after a day on the slopes, whether in the bio sauna or outdoor hot tub. Catering to mountain aficionados, outdoor enthusiasts, and history buffs alike, the Chalet with a panoramic view situated 1,200 meters above Aosta serves as the ideal launchpad for scenic strolls and exploration of nearby medieval fortresses. Meanwhile, city aficionados persist in their love affair with capitals and art-centric cities, with top international destinations including Istanbul, Stockholm, and Vienna. The top 10 also includes: Istanbul; Stockholm; Dubai; Miami; Malaga; Seville; Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Copenhagen; Canary Islands; and Lyon. Factoring in not only Easter but also the months of March and April, Airbnb has reported a 14% surge in searches across Italy.

Moreover, there’s been an almost 40% increase in couples opting to embark on journeys during this period, with a notable rise in stays lasting 28 nights or more (30%). As spring unfolds, rural and secluded destinations maintain their allure, yet winter retreats yield to maritime locales and eventful destinations hosting grand spectacles such as car races and concerts. The top 10 trending destinations for Italian springtime travel encompass: Imola; Amalfi; Assago; Riccione; Livorno; Livigno; Florence; Sanremo; Montepulciano; and La Thuile.

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