A letter to the UN, a new Santa-Claus, who, to be clear, even Wikipedia doesn’t dare to define as “imaginary”: angry hordes of parents would file a lawsuit if only they knew the famous webcyclopedia to be the actress of the bitter disillusion of their children, even if this disenchantment is a fatal inheritance that they acquire prematurely.

Dear UN, great day for you, innit? 
You were born from some troubled negotiations and never been accepted by the whole family of you, you’re grew up and now the world is your game board. 77 years, nothing for you, an infinite time for those childrens victimis of poverty and malnutrition in Central Africa.

Today is the 24th, it tastes like eve. 
If I close my eyes i can hear the chatter of the family, float on the smells spirit of boiled meat, presuffer for the indigestion caused by the dessert, get drunk with glasses and glasses of a fine red wine; i’ve already preparred the arguments to fight against dad – everything is perfect.
In Ukrain, Christmas is usually celebrated between January 6th and 7th, but this year, these 13 days late will make no difference. None of the 12 meals , one per apostle, as the tradition would, even with your eyes closed.

I will talk to you with the same words Guccini ones used with his first wife:  “Darling, you see, it’s difficult to explain and it’s difficult for you to understand, if you haven’t understood yet”. 7 years later they broke up, he kept dressing with his poor parka as she kept dressing her noble coat – their words too far from eachother, like mine and yours. 

Who knows wich list you put me in this year.. it doesn’t matter, i don’t want gift from you.

Oh, i didn’t told you my last discovery, did you know that is possibile to be de-baptize (cancel the batptism)? Think about the sacred act of purification wich Christian children are forced, a dishwasher for your sins, a moment of pure divine grace follow by an aura of inevitability.
You can download an online form, fill the gaps, send a registered mail with return receipt and everything can be considered just over.

So while you’re living the post office you fall back in to the fire and flames of the hell – just a little jump. But, if the tracing of a mail as more power than the act of a God messanger, than this letter of mine will be able to destroy your peacefull illusion and wake you up from this autoinducted come in wich you took refuge.

It’s nice to delude yourself with this possibility, like children in malls on Cristhmas waiting for the man in red.
Our false belief, once grew up, becomes being heard.

As the atheist to mock the faithful man: “UN, if you’re out there, answer me”

By Antonio Floriani

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