A mysterious monolith, appearing as if it came from another galaxy, has been discovered in the Nevada desert, just a few kilometers from Las Vegas. This rectangular sculpture, made primarily of mirrors, reflects the surrounding landscape and sunlight.

The Las Vegas police announced on their X profile that members of the search and rescue unit found the “otherworldly” object over the weekend near Gass Peak, part of the expansive Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Standing at 2,114 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in the area north of the iconic Nevada city. The pressing question on everyone’s mind is: where did this structure come from? As of now, no answer has been found.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating the case. Many people believe the monolith evokes scenes from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece. However, it would be premature to definitively claim that the object originates from another galaxy.

What is certain is that in recent years, nearly identical columns have been discovered across the country, always in rather peculiar locations. For instance, in 2020, a metal monolith was found among the red rocks of the Utah desert, a landscape that science fiction enthusiasts often associate with Mars. Subsequently, similar objects were spotted in California and on the famous Fremont Street in Las Vegas. All these gleaming columns disappeared shortly after being discovered.

The Utah monolith was about 3.6 meters tall and was embedded in such a remote area that local officials chose not to immediately disclose its location, fearing people might get lost or stranded trying to find it. Despite this, hordes of tourists and curiosity-seekers managed to reach the spot, damaging local vegetation with their vehicles and leaving behind considerable litter.

Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is concerned that a similar situation might occur at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, which was established to protect bighorn sheep and rare plants.

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