By now it is certain, within two years – in 2025 – there will be a new space mission departing for the Moon. A pair of astronauts, a woman and a man, will form the crew that will set foot on Earth’s satellite 56 years after Aldrin’s first descent in 1969.

The País writes, that when the mission takes place “the edges of craters and mountains will cast very long shadows that will hide much of the terrain. In the light areas there will be more than 50 degrees, while in the darkest parts the temperature will drop to more than 200 degrees below zero.”

It is therefore “hostile and at the same time completely unfamiliar territory, which required a completely new astronaut suit” compared to missions known to date.

To mark the occasion, Nasa, the U.S. Space Agency, unveiled the new suit that astronauts will wear in two years’ time as part of the Artemis 3 mission, and whose packaging value is $228 million, for both garments.

This is the suit that will get us there,” said Bob Cabana, Nasa vice president on the day of the unveiling. The last time Nasa developed similar suit packaging was 40 years ago, for the Space Shuttle program, which ran between 1981 and 2011, as recalled by Vanessa Wyche, director of Nasa’s Johnson Space Center.

However, the newly unveiled new model is black with orange trim, but the two officers who will go to the moon in two years’ time will instead be white and will be super accessorized: in practice, it will be like being inside “real individual spaceships” with all the comforts of the spacecraft they traveled on to get there, the same safety, both in relation to outside temperatures in space and radiation. “Powerful beacons will allow astronauts to see around them as they traverse the terrain and collect up to 100 kilograms of rocks.”

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