This morning I woke up well. I have covid, a mild form. I have backache, I slept in a bed that is not mine, as soon as I will take possession of my mattress I will be better. Tangled stomach: medicines, you know, create confusion.

And yet the worm running through my head this morning is optimism, the word “optimism”. I started the day by reading the “Sole 24 Ore” journal insert. The review of a book by Telmo Pievani: “La natura è più grande di noi”/ “Nature is bigger than us”.

I don’t want to talk about this, but about the assumption: man, no matter how hard you try, nature will always prevail. It is bigger than you, nature can live without you. But nothing to do, it didn’t affect my desire of optimism.

The desire to be on the “man side” has grown: in the article we are defined as children of creation, compared to the greatness of nature. But gentlemen, with the little time we had at our disposal, what have we done! Open your eyes with optimism and take a look: it’s true, nature is a piece of art, but what architects we are! From here the optimism. Longing for optimism, to look at things, to judge the course of events, reality at its best. An optimistic vision and a thought a day, to be transferred to someone close, because we try to see if the saying of the butterfly flapping wings here and the typhoon on the other side of the world is true.

Sure, optimism would have a better propagation without bad guys and fools, but the hope of the optimism campaign is that the optimist’s optimism aims at correcting the stupid and uncovering the bad guy. Without any bloody action, with a natural expulsion of foreign bodies.

We, humankind, have become nature’s good children and have earned the right to be men (and women). In the opposite sense, the stupid and evil child that we are raising with our emptiness is thrown into the garbage.

How? Optimism, a positive thought, a dream, its transmission to the deskmate like a chain. On National Optimism Day this is the campaign, this is the purpose: focus on optimism. Let’s try to exorcise the professionals of anti-optimistic thinking, those who intoxicate us with negative thoughts. How? Just think of having a remote control in your hand: when a fool intoxicates us, we turn it off, we change the channel.

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