After the stop due to Covid, tourism is back at the center of the interests of Italians, who not only appreciate the Belpaese but consider travel among the most interesting topics of conversation. This is what emerges from the results of research conducted on the web over the past month through Human, the exclusive web and social listening platform created by Italian developers with an Italian algorithm, which analyzed social media and the web to define sentiment towards the topic and whose data were presented during the second edition of the Stati Generali del Turismo promoted by the City of Sorrento under the sponsorship of Enit and the Campania Region, which was attended by Tourism Minister Daniela Santanche.

Positive sentiment toward the topic of tourism is growing steadily. In the past month, 79.69 percent of those who took action on the web expressed positive opinions about tourism, an increase of 33 percent over the same period last year. Tourism then is an important and extremely recurring topic of conversation on the web, where it occupies 12.7 percent of the topics discussed, ranking fourth . It is preceded by the economy (20.7 percent), security (16.41 percent) and health (16 percent). Behind tourism, we find the environment (11.33 percent), labor (8.2 percent), immigration (5.8 percent), war (3.3 percent), rights (3.1 percent) and schools (2.3).

“Sorrento and its peninsula continue to be places of great appeal, thanks to a strong sense of hospitality and an offer made up of culture, gastronomy, entertainment, environment and traditions, capable of intercepting tourists from all over the world,” stresses the mayor of Sorrento, Massimo Coppola. “If the last two have been the years of major events, from the G20 of International Trade to the Rolex Cup, from The European House Ambrosetti Forum to the first international youth tourism summit organized by the UN, 2023 will have to be the year of digitalization, to attract an increasingly smart tourism. The planned reopening of Sorrento’s heliport, now at an advanced planning stage, will also be able to open the doors to a segment of visitors to whom our entrepreneurs will be able to respond with adequate services. Without forgetting the issue of mobility and infrastructure, which is crucial to becoming increasingly attractive and usable.”

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