The amusing saga involving two befuddled vultures found unable to fly in Connecticut over the weekend has come to a cheerful conclusion. Initially, rescuers feared the worst, suspecting the animals were in dire condition. However, after tests at the animal rehabilitation center, A Place Called Hope, a much more unexpected truth emerged: they were intoxicated.

After ruling out other explanations, those handling their rehabilitation concluded there was no other reason for their unstable behavior and inability to stand straight.

The circumstances leading to the vultures’ intoxicated state were even more unlikely: apparently, they had leaned against a dumpster in search of food and inadvertently ingested a fermented substance, causing severe intoxication. A fruity alcoholic cocktail is suspected.

Further updates from A Place Called Hope revealed a post on Facebook summarizing the curious tale of the “dynamic duo” (as they were affectionately called). From initial dismay to an overnight stay for detox, to the relief felt when they regained their strength and returned to nature the next morning, as seen in a video shared by the association.

Through the online post, A Place Called Hope aimed to convey a message and make a heartfelt plea to remind everyone to protect wildlife and stay informed about their welfare. “Cocktails disposed of in trash dumpsters can harm wildlife if not properly sealed.”

Thus, the appeal to be mindful of our actions, as the consequences may not always be favorable. “The two vultures certainly had an adventure,” the rescuers remarked. “Whether they’ve learned anything from it remains uncertain… but what a tale! Dealing with intoxicated vultures was quite the challenge!”

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