Moderate drinkers are different from heavy drinkers and those who don’t drink at all, writes the Washington Post, according to which “anti-alcohol recommendations have now become mainstream” because, according to the Geneva-based World Heart Federation, “contrary to current opinion and popular belief, alcohol is not good for the heart at all.” So? So “there are no recommended, safe levels about alcohol consumption.”

If anything, the advice is to minimize its consumption so as to best ensure the overall health of the body. Of the same opinion is the WHO while the American Center Society peremptorily states, “It is best not to drink alcohol.” Abstain, then. As much as possible, preferably always.

Therefore, the best thing to do, then, is to choose non-alcoholic beers or any type of beer that has an alcohol content below 0.5 percent. John Walker, co-founder and brewer of Athletic, the first non-alcoholic beers were normal beers with boiled alcohol” but there is another advantage to the non-alcoholic type of beer: and that is that “it has fewer calories. In fact, most of the calories in regular beer come from the alcohol, which has 7 calories per gram. Thus, “if a beer contains 14 grams of alcohol, that’s 98 calories,” reads the U.S. newspaper article.

A suitable non-alcoholic beer? “It is between 25 and 41 calories,” low-calorie beers sentences the Post’s expert. They do not damage the heart and are not fattening.

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