Google has confirmed the layoffs of several hundred employees from its global advertising sales team, following the automation of many administrative and creative tasks through artificial intelligence. “Every year, we undergo a rigorous process to structure our team to provide the best service to our Ads customers. As part of this, several hundred jobs have been cut globally,” said a spokesperson for the internet giant.

“The affected employees will have the opportunity to apply for open positions within the team or elsewhere at Google,” the spokesperson added. Google also plans to create new roles and increase hiring this year, citing a larger shift beyond the pandemic.

The online search giant did not mention generative artificial intelligence (automated production of various content), which is disrupting various industries, including advertising.

Last week, Google Cloud announced new artificial intelligence and generative AI solutions “to help retailers personalize online shopping, modernize operations, and transform the implementation of new in-store technologies,” according to a statement from the remote processing arm.

The new tools allow retailers to create virtual agents capable of interacting with consumers on websites and mobile apps much more seamlessly and sophisticatedly than non-generative AI chatbots. Google had laid off about 12,000 people in January 2023 (6% of its workforce) due to inflation and rising interest rates. Since then, the internet giant has heavily invested in generative AI.

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