Enrico Letta: I feel compassion for him. For some reasons that I am going to summarize.

First: he is mocked by the right, that is afraid of his substitute who, in any case, will not be able to do worse than Letta.

Second: he will have to face a Congress, which will decree his replacement.

But we owe a life jacket to Enrico, Eoo’s intellectual honesty feels obliged to do so.

We have to give some credit to a meek, polite and theoretical man, rather than a field politician. He come back from France to relaunch this party. As secretary he faces a period he considers as restructuring, until the point of igniting the hope of a possibility of government. Coalitions and Draghi reward him. However, those coalitions bring down Draghi government and our dear Enrico.

Enrico has the courage to represent a sad, crude but real truth. This is what “Partito Democratico” is today: a loser. And if he wants to have its DNA back again, not with useless programs, but by returning on the street and listening to the people (see recently how people welcomed him), he must embody the left social policies, like the social basic income or the minimum wage.

Stealing the sacred fire of the left from usurpers of today, “CGIL” and “Movimento 5 Stelle”. Otherwise, it’s an electoral defeat. 

Mamma Mia. What will remains? The good Enrico should pull his pride out of his pants in Congress and show up in a shirt with a sickle and hammer symbol saying “I have traced the way for you, the Nile is open. I’m here, the communist Noah, give me the powers and I will give you the place!”.

Enrico, don’t start from the ius scholae. Nobody gives a damn.

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