British airline Easyjet has canceled about 1,700 flights between now and the end of the summer due to air traffic control restrictions in Europe, mainly to and from London’s Gatwick Airport.

“The entire industry is experiencing difficult conditions this summer, with more limited airspace due to the war in Ukraine and potential new strikes” by air traffic controllers, the company said in a statement. “We have therefore made some pre-emptive adjustments to our schedule,” but these are minor changes, the company insists, while “more than 90,000 flights” Easyjet will operate during this period.

The company assures that 95 percent of customers affected by the cancellations already have a seat on another flight. In the statement, Easyjet does not mention French air traffic controllers, but strikes in recent months against pension reform are affecting airlines that are often forced to bypass the country, as Willie Walsh, head of the International Air Transport Association (Iata), their main global organization, pointed out in June.

According to the company, Easyjet’s flight cancellations are not related to pilot or crew shortages, as was the case last year when there were scenes of chaos at British airports, endless lines and numerous canceled flights.

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